Atomex TotalFlush - oil system cleaner

Atomex TotalFlush - oil system cleaner

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Engine oil system cleaner with piston rings anticarbon effect. Contains Revitalizant

  • Description

    • Cleans engine oil system to the level of technical purity
    • Removes carbon and restores mobility of stuck piston rings
    • Universal for all engine types including turbo-supercharged ones
    • Due to revitalizant provides creation of engine protection reserve

    Oil change without preliminary oil system flushing leads to worsening of detergent and protective properties of new motor oil, decrease of its service life.
    Solution: oil system flushing before oil change.

    Use of low-quality oil, engine operation under hard conditions (daily short-distance trips, city driving in a “start-stop” mode, continuous engine idle operation in traffic jams, engine overheating) results in piston rings carbonization and mobility reduction. It can lead to increased oil consumption and smoking, power droops.
    Solution: piston rings anticarbon treatment.

    Finest particles abraded from engine friction surfaces are washed away together with discharged oil.
    Solution: Revitalizant involves abraded particles in the process of formation of a protective metal-ceramic coating.

  • Due to special properties

    • Safely and carefully cleans engine oil system from all kinds of contaminations, ensures its technical purity
    • Relieves piston rings and grooves from carbon and resins
    • Removes carbon from stuck oil-scraper and compression rings, restores their mobility
    • Cleans crankcase ventilation system
    • Eliminates effect of hydraulic lash adjusters sealing
    • Is designed for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines, specially tested for turbo-supercharged engines
  • Due to revitalizant

    • Forms an anti-wear coating on friction parts immediately during oil system flushing
    • Creates reserve of anti-wear protection properties, prevents possible defects on friction surfaces during further engine operation
  • Application

    Pour the compound into the oil filler neck of a non-working engine, warmed up to the operating temperature.

    In case of severe engine contamination, for deep cleaning of its oil system to the level of technical purity and for anticarbon treatment of rings: drive 90-120 miles in the normal mode. For regular application: provide idle engine operation within 10–15 minutes or drive 12.5 miles.

  • Note

    The compound is compatible with all types of motor oils, safe for turbo-supercharged units.

  • Dosage

    250 ml of the cleaner for 4–5 L of motor oil.

  • Package

    can 250 ml

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Xado Revitalizant EX120

I have been using this product yearly, since a slight shudder in transmission. Mechanic told me to replace the entire auto transmission. Decided to wait and see and ordered this product first after some research. I am so happy with it and continue to order it yearly. My Honda CRV 2005 model after being told my transmission needed replacing is still going fine since my first use in 2015.

I Recommend this product.




I accidentally stumbled upon XADO 120 revitalizant for my Mazda engine on a forum of motorists when on the Internet I was looking for how to reduce knocking in hydraulic lifters. And I have no regrets, I've noticed that after a short period of time the engine noise is reduced, educe knocking in hydraulic lifters the fuel consumption of the car is reduced; compression increases significantly.

Extreme Action 120% (EX 120) Revitalizant is the best add on!
I have Mazda Biante (about 200 k mileage). The motor began to work quieter and smoother, the idle speed stopped jumping and the engine noise (Hydraulic Lifter?) is less now. Highly recommended!

I Recommend this product.



Pleased with the results

I put this product in my wife's Honda jazz's transmission over a week ago. So far I am very pleased with the results. The judder at pull off has gone. Long my it last.
By the way I was quoted $280 by I mechanic to fix it !!!

I Recommend this product.

Paul Dunne


Very Impressed

Hi yes i was very impressed with the Revitalizant on my gearbox fixed the change of gear and the Maximum needs km jags on stands but but it in my runner around 297km festiva ford Kia lol and shut the rough lifter up I have only done 20km.We will see but seems wow cool stuff

I Recommend this product.

Lee Chin



Very Lube Turbo Conditioner was a pleasant surprise from it's pink and toyish look on the bottle. It might had freed up a stuck ring or two. The performance increase is abit unbelievable from a tiny 35 dollar bottle. Getting an AMC to try as we speak, in the same engine oil. Xado said it's ok.

I Recommend this product.



Works extremely well

This works extremely well. Works as soon as you put it in the car. Would definitely recommend!

I Recommend this product.



worth a go!

Have a 2004 Honda Fit with a slightly rumbling CVT from stop and after reading all the positive feedback using XADO decided to give a go. Brilliant, within 100kms the shudder has gone with the CVT feeling much smoother all round. Had my doubts but this stuff seems to work as claimed. Certainly worth a go!

I Recommend this product.